Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fashion Illustration for Mary Benson!

Creating a new set of drawings for Leeds based designer Mary Benson was definitely a fun task. It's always more enjoyable when you actually love the clothes you're drawing. Mary's new collection is full of feminine charm and wit, the colors are very soft and delicate, and they remind me of a Beatrix Potter watercolor. In my opinion, it appears to be influenced by a delicate and well considered blend of 'vintage garden' meets the 'future' (a very organic and whimsical future where people ride horses instead of driving cars and they have telekinetic powers which they use to talk to their plants and animals... a future where pastel spandex is beautiful, but so is burlap... you know.. that future?)
Thinking about it, the word future sounds almost cheesy and cliche, but if you've ever seen the awesome costumes worn in Logan's Run or Zardoz (minus Sean Connery's) you may know what I mean.
And that was my sad attempt to review, or at the very least, tell you about Mary Benson's Spring/Summer 2009 collection, and the drawings I cre
ated for her. After all, I'm no reporter. But I like clothes.

I also thought that you may like to see photos from Logan's Run and Zardoz, so I posted some.

You can see more of Mary's work here:

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