Saturday, July 18, 2009


Here's my newest ink and colored pencil drawing. It is a 'portrait' of a fellow artist and friend, Alice McMahon White. Actually, it's a very stylized and exaggerated interpretation of her, however
I wasn't really going for an exact likeness...
I still hope Alice approves none the less!

Also, I just wanted to share some of my current obsessions, maybe ju
st to remind myself because my mind moves so quickly... But basically, I love all that has the clean, delicate simplicity of origami paired with an abundance of intricate details and patterns, thick hair in long, tight braids, decoration, some what science fiction influenced, and 'futuristic' (I don't like that term) as well as maintaining a very primitive/worldly outlook... primitive in that it pulls pieces out the most ancient bits of your brain and you can identify with it somehow, though you may not understand why... the same feeling you get when you see a slithering snake in the brush... or when your cheeks turn red because you're with your favorite person...

Imagine a paper crane covered
in Aboriginal art...

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  1. Great Brett! Of course I love my drawing, but also the thoughts and images you share at the end.

    Not sure why I missed following your blog til now - glad I finally did it. :)