Monday, July 6, 2009

Go Beyond Eternity...

'Inspiration' board

I dyed and hand painted that silly looking thing. Then I put it on...

Is that even possible? Going beyond eternity? Who cares. I'm jobless so I must entertain myself with questions like that.
I must also keep my hands busy.

So I had an idea. This "idea'' was for an artistic fashion collection inspired by crop circles and nebulae (that's plural for nebula) and beautiful, dainty, little extraterrestrials and constellations and meditation and new understandings about eternity and a collective consciousness... this idea has been sitting in my brain for a while.
Pieces are coming together very slowly, so I thought I'd share what's done-ish...
Mind you, everything has been done perfectly hap-hazard, naturally.

1 comment:

  1. how completely wickedly inspirational! i love your creations so so much. especially enjoying the layering of the soft constellation bursts with the blue scared shape symbols- for me it creates so much intrigue. i wish i could admire it up close....the whispyness of it on you makes you yourself look like some pan-dimensional gypsy being.
    thanks so much for sharing!
    ....will there be more of these to come? i hope!
    best wishes.
    -Chelsea Rose