Friday, July 10, 2009


This is my newest ink/colored pencil drawing. It's called 'Sorceress' because it is for an upcoming group show with the theme of 'He-man, Masters of the Universe.' Sorceress is an enigmatic winged beauty. She's got a great costume. She's smart and magical.... But wait, do you know that old show? He-man? You know who does?! My boyfriend Franky! He can pretty much recite it. He has a large duffel bag filled with He-man toys stuffed into my small closet. We have a plastic Skeletor with Barbie doll goggles on, riding a rubber ducky sitting in our shower... BUT, I, myself know very little about the television program other than the stories I have heard from my boyfriend and that He-man is loosely based on Conan the Barbarian... He's the mightiest warrior ever, you know.. He-man is blonde and somewhat effeminate in his appearance with his pink furry undies. He's also not always He-man because he is sometimes Prince Adam which is what most people know him as I guess?... Actually, just click this: Heman Sings. Wow, Im getting side tracked. Back to the gallery showing. It's to be held in L.A.'s 1988 Gallery, this January 2010. The rules were to just draw something He-man in nature but you know, of course, give it my own 'flair' as they say. I wanted mine to be able to hold it's own and not be an obvious ode to He-man. My Sorceress holds an allusion to Horus...

In other 'news,' I am being mused by The Fantastic Planet and the Demiurge of Aeon Flux... Just to be obnoxious about it, I am going to make a suggestion; watch them.