Saturday, December 12, 2009

Past Life

"Past Life," Ink & Colored Pencil on Paper, 10x13

Experiencing deja vu multiple times a day, remembering what is yet to happen?
...Recalling upon who you were supposed to be, who you remain to be, who, or what, you dream to be...


  1. You have such a gorgeous style. Your blog is a real treat to look at.
    Lovely lovely lovely work.

  2. That feeling you are describing...and so well, I have been feeling that way off an on for the past two years. It has become increasingly intense over the past month. My dreams are extraordinarily detailed and memorable as well.

    Question, have you ever dreamed the future? When this happens to me, I'm both a little freaked and strangely comforted.

  3. i seem to just blend future with present and past. it's more comforting to me when i think of it that way. it's a perfect balance almost. i often have dreams that come true, not because i'm psychic or anything, just becuase i feel as though it's already happened, it only has to manifest into reality... i sound crazy now. but dreams are sort of crazy anyway.

  4. You don't sound crazy to me at all. This blending of past, present and future...I believe this to be the way many other people may begin to experience living. I think the opportunity tends to present itself to artist individuals first because of the word, individual. A true artist is not afraid to stand out, be different and stand up for their uniqueness while also identifying that we are all really the same.

    As for dreams coming too; that's why I ask. As for psychic ability-it's latent in everyone and awakening in some. You say...that it's already happened...that's an interesting concept don't you think?

    Have you read The Holographic Universe or The Crack or A Crack in the Cosmic Egg? They're really interesting and provide some areas for contemplation, inspiration and different ways of understanding. It's really helping me to branch out of myself and old modes of working and I'm discovering new art and ways of making art that were truly within all along...but perhaps I was afraid.

    Into the forest, with courage!

  5. is that allison harvard you drew?