Friday, February 26, 2010

Mawiage is what bwings us togever...

I just thought I should mention that Franky and I are getting married!
There's not an exact date yet, but it'll probably happen this summer! Yay! Cake!

And.... I just got home from visiting my mom.
She has a new kitten named Oliver and I HAD to meet him!
Here are some pictures from my sho
rt stay in Springfield...

Me and Jazzee the Blue Point Himalayan & Oliver the Maine Coon...

Sleepy kitty...

Meredith and our cakes!

Rise and shine, Pammy!

Milli is 11 and smaller than my boot!


  1. Awww! Congratulations!!!

  2. Marriage and kittens! What could be better? Congratulations! X

  3. Congratulations!! :]

  4. congratulations brett, that is gorgeous news.

    (and that cat has such insanely amazing blue eyes. woah-oh-oh.)

  5. Wooo!! Congratulations! Can't wait to see your dress, ahh! Your dress!
    Ahh! That's my favorite part of weddings besides the free food.

  6. thank you all! i wish you could come and dress fancily and eat cake with me!