Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sleep is my answer for now.

I think I've seriously gone through some kind of life stage,
maybe a quarter life crisis?
I don't know.
But it's helping me grow. Until I fully recover, I will enjoy my 16 hour naps...

Just note: It's never worth it to be in a constant state of worry.
Boredom is OKAY. No matter what you tell yourself.
Don't dwell on things that you cannot change...

Franky has been the best help.


  1. I have been inexplicably exhausted lately too. Instead of my joints and muscles's more like my brain and heart. It wouldn't surprise me if I sprouted a flower or tree from either organ.

    Dwelling...fixation...seem so inescapable...but dreaming does make it easier.

  2. i hope you feel better... my brain, heart, and soul have been wounded, but they are currently healing :} i think i'll make it. i know you can