Thursday, April 29, 2010

Obsessing over Nick Cave...

I cannot stop listening to Nick Cave. And I've actually started a new drawing of him. It should be interesting I suppose. But only time shall tell. But, in the midst of my Nick Caving, I've finished this commission of a lovely 1960's inspired girl, who is actually a real girl from the 2010's. Her name is Stephanie and she's an Australian musician... much like Nick Cave... Oh my gosh.... I'm going mad... I don't think she sounds like him if course... Then, a second commission piece; a wedding portrait for a Chicago couple. I hope they like it...

BUT, I have also put together my very own wedding invitations for Franky and I...

And just to share, this is were we are going to get married...
Franky's parent's home in Indiana.
It's quite lovely, and it should be just a beautiful in August...


  1. wonderful as always, does anyone live in that small house? Have you received my parcel yet? I sent it over two months ago :-/

  2. This post brings me much happiness. I don't know if it's my fond memories of Australia or all the love, but it's all good! AWEmazing invitations! and beautiful destination :)

  3. I am so obsessed with your art work! You are too talented dear! Who is this Australian musician? She is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing Nick Cave...I'm listening to "Suzanne" right now and my ears are content.

  4. Your artwork is incredibly inspiring! You've given me courage to tackle colored pencils in the near future. ;)

  5. I wish I could draw like you. Congratulations on the nuptials, and trust me the guests will appreciate the personal touch to the invitations. x