Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Your body is a lovely vessel...

... containing an even lovelier soul. So be good to it.

8x10, commission

"Tree; Personified"
5x7, commission


  1. This is an absolutely lovely post Brett. Yes indeed, the body is a lovely vessel.

  2. Golden words, you have an unearthly beauty. It's great.
    Ah that's a shame, mmm I sent it way over two months ago. :-( I'm glad I didn't send any original art. It had a mix tape, photographs, art and a letter. Oh and some flowers from Australia...

    we should try again!

  3. fur sure! i'll send you some tings as well <3

  4. it's true, sometimes you are so busy running round, and looking after everything, and everyone else you forget that. Great picture to accompany the inspiring message. x

  5. oh oh oh
    lady brett,
    your artwork is sooooo amazing!
    all your creations are so grand.
    i loved every picture that was posted!
    thanks for sharing <3