Friday, June 18, 2010

Silly Photos and The Art Boutique!

Would you like to put some of your work in the shop!?
Check out the blog here and email me here:

And these are just some of the weird photos my sister Bethany and I took...

We are ghosts of the tea room.


  1. So wonderful you have opened a boutique full of all sorts of art- inspired! This has always been something I have dreamed of doing. Looks wondrous thus far!
    I do so love the second photo of your sister- is it to be made eventually into an amazing drawing of yours some day?
    Best wishes!
    -Chelsea Rose

  2. thanks chelsea! and i don't know... it will probably just be a photo, but it was inspired by my drawings :}

  3. I LOVE what you are thinking are weird photographs. They are unique. I've never seen anything happening like this. THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing something new before my eyes!

  4. Hi Brett! Sorry for never emailing you back. I STILL want to buy your art! I'm just currently poor right now and if your intrested in doing some art/photo swap/discount? Let me knowww. If not, I still would love to buy it anyways.