Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010. My 24th birthday.

I dressed as Clara Bow.

He said this photo was for me. awwww. how precious.

taking a photo of erica taking a photo...

darkness and the goblin king opened with some tunes

franky and fred

Two Pee Wees!

Carlos played some harmonica!

House Sounds played some tunes

ahhhhh! reflections!


  1. It's like - silly!
    I am a keen follower of your blog and co-sites as I just adore your works and you're fun to "watch" as you experiment, with, life! And in fear of seeming creepy here... : I've had this feeling for SO long that I've seen your husband before - and last night I got it!! I watched the documentary of Woodstock again, and he's the spitting image of Michael Lang - the master creator of the whole festival! Have a look for yourself here, it's just silly how alike they are!!,r:3,s:0&tx=64&ty=30 (Google his name and you'll see heaps of photos)

    So anyways... Happy halloween and keep creating! :D
    xo cat


    Sorry, this link's better I think.....

  3. Clara Bow would have killed to have such big eyes.