Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Drawing, 'The Hunt'


  1. I especially like the colored skirt in this one. Great job.

    I am curious about your working method, or maybe a better way of saying it, curious about your "layers". Are you coloring the drawings before you lay down the pencil lines?

  2. i did an overall wash with this drawing, 1st time ever really doing that, but then i sketched out the drawing like i normally do with graphite, once i was happy with it, i added the gouache, then typically i go back and rework little aspects of the drawing, maybe adding of removing things... it's all very random, i must say, no true method, more about emotion really (all my work fits into that category though) :D

  3. Thank you for taking the time to explain. I think one of the strongest things about your work is your combination of graphite with gouache/washes. It takes you off guard, because you are not used to seeing graphite having a dominant presence with such work.

    I look forward to see what else you come up with in the future.

    P.S. The write up on you in Bluecanvas a little while ago was really something. Your illustrations really came off strong.